Benefits of Reflexology: Two Patients Share Their Stories

…have the toes on my left foot because of it. My regular doctor had remarked that my toes were turning black due to diabetic neuropathy and peripheral artery disease, and he had no solution to offer. So I came to the Whitaker Wellness Institute and was scheduled for reflexology three times a week to start…

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New Vitamin D Recommendations Are Misguided

…Health database on vitamin D. They show that vitamin D supplementation is protective against: * Cancer * Heart disease * Hypertension * Peripheral artery disease * Type 2 diabetes * Multiple sclerosis * Rheumatoid arthritis * Asthma * Depression * Dementia * Autism * Falls and fractures * And more Vitamin…

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Get Pumped with EECP Therapy

…at Whitaker Wellness to treat patients with vascular dementia and memory loss, erectile dysfunction, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathy, peripheral artery disease, stubborn hypertension, some types of kidney disease and vision problems, and a handful of other conditions. The Whitaker Wellness Institute…

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