Tips for Treating PMS Naturally

…syndrome (PMS). For them, PMS symptoms such as mood swings, food cravings, bloating, weight gain, and breast tenderness are so marked that they interfere with quality of life. Supplement Solutions for PMS Symptoms The good news is, several supplements can be beneficial when it comes to treating PMS

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Acupuncture Benefits: The List Goes On and On

…Benefits Though most commonly used to relieve pain, acupuncture is also used to alleviate migraines and tension headaches, lessen the severity of PMS and menopausal symptoms, reduce anxiety and stress, and stamp out sleep problems. In addition to the conditions listed above, acupuncture benefits…

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Nutrient Spotlight: Importance of Minerals

…or relaxation, of the arteries. Supplemental calcium slows bone loss in patients at risk of osteoporosis. This mineral also reduces symptoms of PMS, risk of colorectal cancer, and blood pressure. I recommend 1,000 mg of calcium daily. To ensure optimal absorption, I suggest taking a supplement…

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