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Natural Treatments for COPD

…system. As mucus accumulates in the lungs, it not only blocks the airways but also becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and increases risk of pneumonia and other infections. Coughing is the most natural way to bring up excess mucus, and indeed a chronic, phlegmy cough is a hallmark symptom of…

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Ribose Makes Exercising Easier

…any of the above conditions to reap the benefits of ribose. “Bill,” a colleague of mine, swears that taking ribose after a bout of pneumonia perked him right up and got him back in the swing of things. Others claim that it increases their energy level and just plain makes them feel…

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Questioning the Effectiveness of Tamiflu

…but had no effect on hospitalization rates or pneumonia. Furthermore, Tamiflu increased nausea and vomiting. Relenza reduced symptom duration by approximately 14 hours and had fewer side effects than Tamiflu, but again, no effect on pneumonia was noted. Still the pharmaceutical industry continues…

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