Ward Off Vision Loss

…vision loss. It’s a devastating, life-altering condition. Around age 40, the lenses of the eyes begin to lose their elasticity, and small print becomes harder to read, necessitating reading glasses for many. With age, the incidence of retinopathy and other disorders of the retina increases.…

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Healthy Diet Plan: Proper Serving Sizes

…sizes. Fortunately, determining how much you should eat is fairly easy. A majority of items purchased in food stores have proper serving sizes printed on the nutrition facts label. Proper serving sizes are typically included in recipes as well. Just because you stick to the proper serving sizes…

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Protect Yourself From Prescription Medication Errors

…the disaster that could come from serious prescription medication errors. Steps to Prevent Prescription Medication Errors * Insist on detailed, printed information about each and every prescription drug you are prescribed. Read the Physicians’ Desk Reference description of all of your drugs,…

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