Prolotherapy: Pain Relief That Lasts

…bulge, or rupture (herniate), which can cause even more pain. Prolotherapy Strengthens Ligaments for Lasting Pain Relief The obvious solution is to strengthen the weakened ligaments, and that is precisely what prolotherapy does. A slightly irritating solution (dextrose is the most common)…

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Natural Treatments for Osteoarthritis

…pain-relieving therapies. Some of the treatments for osteoarthritis I recommend and utilize at the clinic include chiropractic, microcurrent, prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma and high-intensity laser, to name a few. Time and again I’ve seen weight loss, therapeutic exercise, nutritional…

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Beware of Unnecessary Surgery

…problem, consider noninvasive clinical therapies that have been shown to alleviate pain and restore joint health and function, such as prolotherapy, and chiropractic. Next week, in part two of my Unnecessary Surgery series, we’ll talk about alternatives to prostate surgery and hysterectomy.…

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