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Know Your Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

…screening for prostate cancer doesn’t work. Now, I want to follow up with your prostate cancer treatment options. I look at prostate cancer quite differently than most physicians and patients. Multiple studies have shown that chemotherapy isn’t an effective treatment for prostate cancer and doesn’t…

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The Truth about Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer

…/fish oil and prostate cancer. This is an example of irresponsible journalism at its worst. There is nothing definitive about this study and, in fact, warnings about the dangers of fish and fish oil fly in the face of the bulk of the research on this topic. Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer Facts * This study…

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Vitamin E and Prostate Cancer

…iron, had a slightly increased risk of death. Yesterday, everyone was talking about a clinical trial published in JAMA that linked vitamin E and prostate cancer. As a physician who uses nutritional supplements as primary therapies in my medical practice, a writer and formulator who vigorously promotes them—and…

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How To Maintain Natural Prostate Health

…fats in meat and dairy fuel hormone-dependent cancers and are clearly linked with prostate cancer. Trans-fatty acids in fried and processed foods are also suspect. On the other hand, certain foods prevent prostate cancer. Soy contains antioxidants and isoflavones with specific anti-cancer activity. Tomatoes…

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How Safe Are Your Supplements?

…-supplement articles, the reporters dug up a few isolated studies that illustrated their data points—for example, the faulty one about vitamin E and prostate cancer. Meanwhile, they conveniently omitted the thousands of studies that show the huge benefits of nutritional supplements, such as… * Research shows…

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The Multiple Benefits of Carotenoids

…eating pizza reduced risk of prostate cancer. The reason is certainly not the cheese or pepperoni—it's the tomato sauce. Tomatoes contain the carotenoid lycopene, and eating 10 servings of tomato products weekly has been demonstrated to cut the risk of prostate cancer almost in half. Other research…

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