Vitamin E and Prostate Cancer

…men are regularly screened, as those in the study were. Just last week, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommended against routine PSA screening for prostate cancer, stating that it led to unnecessary interventions and did more harm than good. As I’ve said time and again,…

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3 Tips to Avoid an Unnecessary Screening Test

…in modern American medicine. Accepted guidelines include recommendations for yearly blood workups and regular blood pressure checks. Mammograms, PSA tests and other screening tests are championed as the way to catch cancer in its early stages and save lives; and cardiologists order angiograms at…

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The Multiple Health Benefits of Berries

…benefits of berries I just told you about, consuming berries on a regular basis can also result in improvements in mood, energy, and hearing; lower PSA levels; and stronger fingernails. Best Ways to Obtain These Benefits of Berries Enjoy strawberries and blueberries while they’re at their peak…

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