Psa Test

Finally, Medical Experts Admit PSA Testing Doesn’t Work!

…dragging isn’t surprising. False high PSA rates have been a huge cash cow for the medical community. Since PSA testing became commonplace, more than a million men have been treated for prostate cancer—men who, if not for an elevated PSA test, would never have had surgery and/or radiation…

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3 Tips to Avoid an Unnecessary Screening Test

Routine use of diagnostic and screening tests is ingrained in modern American medicine. Accepted guidelines include recommendations for yearly blood workups and regular blood pressure checks. Mammograms, PSA tests and other screening tests are championed as the way to catch cancer in its early…

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The Multiple Health Benefits of Berries

…10 pounds of raw blueberries a month (about one cup a day), and they were periodically evaluated with memory tests, such as word recall. At the study’s conclusion, errors on memory tests declined by an average of 12 percent, suggesting that blueberries did indeed enhance memory. Similarly, in…

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