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Four Ways to Defeat Hemorrhoids

…roughage to your diet with foods such as unpeeled apples or pears, figs, celery, or other raw fruits and vegetables. Freshly ground flaxseed, psyllium seed, or psyllium seed products like Metamucil are also helpful. 4. Try the flavonoid diosmin. In a placebo-controlled study of 120 patients with acute and…

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Belly Fat—It’s More Dangerous Than You Think

…they’re low in sugar. I also suggest incorporating a quarter cup of freshly ground flaxseed into your diet each day. Taking a fiber supplement like psyllium or glucomannan before meals will also help prevent you from overeating. Your goal should be at least 30 grams of fiber every day. * Address underlying…

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Benefits of Fiber: Protection Against Heart Disease, Diabetes, & More

…routine. Aim for a total of 30–35 grams each day. And if you’re still coming up short, consider supplemental fiber sources, such as glucomannan, psyllium, or freshly ground flaxseed. High-Fiber Foods Serving Size Total Fiber (grams) Split peas, cooked 1 cup 16.3 Lentils, cooked 1 cup 15.6 Black beans…

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4 Embarrassing Health Problems, Solved

…type of chemical irritant. Add bulk and roughage to your diet such as unpeeled apples or pears, figs, celery, or other raw fruits and vegetables. Psyllium seed products like Metamucil are also helpful. * Take L-lysine to get rid of cold sores. Cold sores are caused by the extremely contagious herpes…

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Solutions for 3 Common Digestive Problems

…problem. To keep things moving, be sure to get regular exercise, eat plenty of high-fiber foods, and take supplemental fiber, such as flaxseed and psyllium. Prunes are also an effective remedy for constipation because, in addition to fiber, they contain sorbitol, which attracts water and softens stools…

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Natural Appetite Suppressants

…sources, such as a juicy apple before meals or a quarter-cup of freshly ground flaxseed sprinkled on yogurt, salads, or soups, as well as supplements (psyllium and glucommanan are good sources). Either way, fiber helps to stave off hunger by causing a slower release of glucose. There are also thermogenic…

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