Forget About the RDAs: Here's Why You Need More B Vitamins

All multivitamins contain a smattering of B vitamins, so what else do you need to know? Actually, there’s a lot of new research, especially on folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6. Here are six reasons why you should be taking these three vitamins—and at dosages higher than what you’re…

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Learn the Nutritional Supplement Facts

…(RDAs) are sufficient for promoting optimal health. Most multivitamins contain nutrient doses that are equal to (or less than) what are commonly referred to as RDAs. These dosage levels are intended to help the average healthy person maintain good health and avoid nutrient deficiencies. But RDAs don’t…

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Do The Types of Magnesium and Types of Calcium Matter?

…has to be taken into consideration. As you may know, Forward—and my entire line of supplements—contains higher nutrient doses than the paltry RDAs found in many other supplements. So unless a costlier more bulky nutrient form has scientifically proven superiority, it just doesn’t make sense to…

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