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Safe, Natural Treatments for Anxiety and Stress

reflexology a shot. Although reflexology is a remarkably soothing and relaxing experience, it is actually a therapeutic modality that provides tremendous benefits when used alone or in conjunction with other treatments. Patients at Whitaker Wellness have had particularly good results with reflexology

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IV Vitamin C Kills Cancer Cells

…therapeutic diet, an aggressive nutritional supplement program, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, low-dose naltrexone, and in some cases, acupuncture and reflexology. To schedule an appointment for treatment, or to learn more about our IV vitamin C protocol, please call (800) 488-1500. I want to make it clear…

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Can't Sleep? Try These Natural Remedies

…* L-theanine (from green tea), lemon balm, chamomile, and hops also relieve stress, induce relaxation, and facilitate sleep, as do acupuncture, reflexology, and massage. If none of these safe, drug-free approaches help, I suggest you talk to your doctor about the prescription medication Dilantin. In…

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Treatments for Depression

…lithium, inositol, Mucuna pruriens, and St. John’s wort. (Supplement dosages vary, use as directed.) And meditation, prayer, yoga, acupuncture, reflexology, and massage are powerful stress busters. At the clinic, we look for and treat underlying conditions that may be linked with depression, such as…

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Treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis

…the Whitaker Wellness Institute, where she was treated with stem cell therapy, diet changes, IV nutrients, microcurrent therapy, acupuncture and reflexology. She did well during her stay at the clinic, and continued to improve after she returned home. “Your treatments for rheumatoid arthritis have given…

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