Reversing Hypertension

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Recommended Foods that Lower Blood Pressure

Drug companies would like you to believe the only way to reverse hypertension is by shelling out big bucks for their medications. But some experts maintain, and I agree, that a proper diet could eliminate hypertension in 80 percent to 90 percent of those suffering with this condition. One of the most…

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Get Pumped with EECP Therapy

…treatment approaches. Now it’s your turn: Have you or someone you know had EECP therapy? You May Also Be Interested in * Your Grocery List for Reversing Hypertension * Why Stress Is Harmful to Your Body

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Lose More Than Weight With a Healthy Diet Plan and Exercise

…showed stunning improvements in several important areas: * Of the seven men who had high blood pressure at the beginning of the study, none were hypertensive at the end. * Total cholesterol fell by almost 20 percent. * Blood sugar and insulin levels dropped by 7 percent and 46 percent, respectively. *…

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Lose Weight, Lose Diabetes

To show you how making a commitment to lifestyle changes is one of the best preventive methods for reversing diabetes, I want to share one of my favorite diabetes success stories. It comes from a gentleman named J.D. J.D. writes: “Dr. Whitaker, four and a half years ago, I was 43 and in the worst shape…

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Steps to Stave Off Sarcopenia

…decreases bone density, and lowers metabolic rate and caloric needs while at the same time increases body fat. Sarcopenia is indirectly involved in hypertension, abnormal glucose tolerance, and cardiovascular response. Sadly, sarcopenia is what ultimately causes the loss of independence in many older individuals…

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