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8 Secrets the Weight Loss Industry Won’t Give You

Weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry, with diet programs and health clubs convincing people the only way to shed pounds is to shell out big bucks. But the fact is many of the most effective weight loss solutions are free, or cost only pennies to do. 1. Have a cup or two of caffeinated…

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What Dr. Oz Didn’t Tell You About Saffron and Snacking

…extract called Satiereal, calling it a “miracle appetite suppressant.” Dr. Oz had two women in his audience try the supplement over the weekend, and they lost eight pounds between them. Folks, this is the type of media hype that does the public a real disservice. Yes, Satiereal is a powerful appetite…

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How to End the Obesity Epidemic, No Willpower Required

The obesity epidemic is a huge problem in America, and along with eating out, one of the biggest culprits is our collective urge to snack. Snack-food manufacturers make up a multi-billion industry—all focused on bringing you chips, snack bars and cookies that are draining your wallet, expanding…

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