Shingles Treatment

The Power of Intravenous Nutrient Therapy

…diseases such as shingles, Lyme disease, and Epstein-Barr. Patients who have undergone intravenous vitamin C therapy often report astounding results. Mary B. was worn down with chronic fatigue, despite having tried many different therapeutic approaches. After 10 IV vitamin C treatments, she was back…

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Treating Shingles Naturally

…for Treating Shingles Though I firmly believe that IV vitamin C and microcurrent therapy should be the first-line therapies for treating shingles and PHN, a number of over-the-counter remedies are also helpful. * High-dose vitamin B12 is a time-honored treatment for shingles. * The amino acid…

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Health Benefits of Spicy Foods

…Capsaicin ointments are helpful for arthritis, back pain, and neuropathy—even conventional physicians recognize its value as a treatment for the pain of shingles. The first application often causes a burning sensation; but as substance P is depleted, this discomfort goes away. You can get…

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