Preventing Asthma Attacks Naturally

…levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the body’s most powerful bronchodilators. When CO2 levels are low, the airways constrict, causing shortness of breath and other symptoms of asthma. Raising CO2 in this way relaxes the airways and often nips acute asthma attacks in the bud. Repeat this breath…

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Hope for Hepatitis C

…hemolytic anemia, which is marked by the destruction of red blood cells and increased risk of heart attack. It has also been linked with headaches, shortness of breath, and cough. Side effects notwithstanding, interferon isn’t all that effective over the long term. The main goal of treating hepatitis C is…

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3 Powerful Ways to Stay Off the Cardiac Ward

…valve disorders, which force the heart to work harder, and global weakening of the heart muscle. Common symptoms include fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, and fluid collection in the lower extremities or abdomen. Because symptoms usually sneak up gradually, they are often mistaken as signs of aging…

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