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The Health Benefits of Beer

…not be aware of the health benefits of beer. One of the main health benefits of beer is silicon which helps to prevent osteoporosis. Everyone knows that calcium plays a role in building strong bones, but silicon is also important. This mineral promotes greater bone mineral density by allowing other…

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Help for Hair Loss

…Prevent Hair Loss Naturally You may also want to consider treating hair loss with supplements. We get good feedback on orthosilicic acid, a form of silicon that boosts collagen formation and has been shown to improve hair thickness as well as skin elasticity, bone density, and nail strength. The…

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Learn the Nutritional Supplement Facts

…supplements require binders to hold tablets together or fillers such as cellulose or magnesium stearate for encapsulation. They may also contain silicon dioxide and other “glidants” to facilitate the manufacturing process. These substances are present in minute amounts and are harmless.…

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