Sinus Infection

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Top Treatments for Sinus Infections

…treatments for sinus infections, what does? Let’s start with prevention. Humming to Ward Off Sinus Infections Are you one of those people who hums as you go about your day? In addition to filling the air with song, you may also be warding off sinus infections. Healthy sinuses rely on good…

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Do You Really Need That Antibiotic? Probably Not

…sore throat cases and 73 percent of acute bronchitis cases. One in five sinusitis patients also receive an antibiotic prescription—even though these drugs have been proven to work no better than a placebo for sinus infections! In addition to being ineffective, overusing antibiotics can lead to…

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The Many Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

…applications. It’s a great moisturizer, not only for dry skin but also for rashes, cold sores, hemorrhoids, diaper rash, psoriasis, fungal infections, and eczema. I’m not saying it will cure these skin problems, but organic extra-virgin coconut oil is a gentle, safe, inexpensive natural…

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The Power of Intravenous Nutrient Therapy

…particularly nasty flu virus, was completely well after two IV drips. And at the first sign of a sore throat, sinus headache, or any other symptom that foreshadows an infection, long-time patient, Louise, comes in for a 50 g vitamin C drip. Nine times out of 10, this nips it in the bud. Intravenous…

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Benefits of Milk: Fact or Fiction?

…and destroy the beta cells. Third, milk allergies are very common in children and cause sinus problems, diarrhea, constipation, and fatigue. Additionally, they are a leading cause of the chronic ear infections that plague many children under the age of six. Milk allergies are also linked to behavior…

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