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Can't Sleep? Try These Natural Remedies

…write you a prescription, find one who will or consider making an appointment at the Whitaker Wellness Institute. Now it’s your turn: What do you do when you can’t sleep? You May Also Be Interested In: * Six Habits That Lead to Bad Sleep * Snoring: Mere Nuisance or Real Health Problem?

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Snoring: Mere Nuisance or Real Health Problem?

…If you snore, are overweight, and/or have metabolic syndrome, I encourage you to get tested for sleep apnea. As the Irish proverb goes, “A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” Now it’s your turn: Do you or someone you know snore practically…

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Six Habits of the Sleep Deprived

…pajamas, which help to wick away moisture. * Sleep with a snoring bed partner. Everyone sleeps better when it’s quiet. If you are sleep deprived because of noise disturbances you can’t control—such as street noise or a snoring bedmate—then you may want to consider using ear…

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How to Beat Metabolic Syndrome

…apnea, and it’s truly shocking how often the two conditions go hand in hand—and how seldom sleep apnea is diagnosed or treated. If you snore or have daytime sleepiness, talk to your doctor about getting tested for sleep apnea. To learn more about treatment at the Whitaker Wellness…

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