Snoring: Mere Nuisance or Real Health Problem?

About 12 years ago, at the request of my wife—who put up with my snoring but was disturbed by the increasing frequency of episodes when I appeared to stop breathing—I got tested for sleep apnea. In one hour, I had a whopping 69 attacks of apnea (spells when I stopped breathing for 10 seconds or longer…

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Are Environmental Toxins Increasing Your Belly Fat?

…linked with obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. If you’re struggling with any of these conditions, especially if you snore, talk to your doctor about getting tested for sleep apnea. * Let in some sun. You need to regularly spend time outdoors—without sunscreen—to produce…

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Six Habits of the Sleep Deprived

…cotton pajamas, which help to wick away moisture. * Sleep with a snoring bed partner. Everyone sleeps better when it’s quiet. If you are sleep deprived because of noise disturbances you can’t control—such as street noise or a snoring bedmate—then you may want to consider using ear plugs. Another…

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