Treating Restless Leg Syndrome

…and regular exercise (30–45 minutes most days of the week.) Finally—and I know this sounds crazy—some of my patients swear by bar soap for treating restless leg syndrome and nocturnal leg cramps. I heard about this from a patient and did a little research on this myself, and this…

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Could Your Personal Care Products Be Causing Diabetes?

We know that obesity contributes to diabetes. But could your soap, hair spray, moisturizer, or nail polish also cause you to develop diabetes? New research published in Environmental Health Perspectives has found that women have higher concentrations of phthalate metabolites in their urine than men.…

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The Real Secret for Eliminating Acne

…called. They’re all myths! Acne is not triggered by poor hygiene, chocolate, or genetics. Furthermore, the millions Americans spend on soaps, scrubs, and other over-the-counter acne products do little to foil outbreaks. But there’s good news. Research reveals an underlying…

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