Prolotherapy: Pain Relief That Lasts

…Vulnerability Let’s take back pain for example. Ninety-five percent of low back pain comes from a four-by-six inch area, where the sacrum, or base of the spine, meets the fifth and final lumbar vertebra and the ilia, or hipbones. This small area is quite vulnerable, since it supports the entire weight of the…

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Diabesity Challenge Tip: Stretch Your Mind And Body With Yoga

…proven to decrease stress and anxiety. But that’s not all. Yoga also helps to: * soothe joints * tone muscles * increase flexibility in the legs, spine, and shoulders * teach proper alignment of the body * relieve tension Yoga can be challenging, so make sure you take a class geared to the level of…

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4 Steps to Strong Bones

…another osteoporosis statistic. How to Maintain Strong Bones and Prevent Osteoporosis * Engage in regular exercise. Your bones, particularly in the spine and legs, are constantly remodeling and strengthening themselves as a result of stresses put upon them by activity and gravity. The more they are called…

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