How to Address 3 Embarrassing Women's Health Problems

…compounding pharmacy. Another product patients have good results with is Vitanica’s Yeast Arrest. Use one suppository morning and evening. Tri-Quench’s SSKI, a liquid iodine preparation, also relieves vaginal infections. Mix 20–30 drops in water and use as a douche daily for 5–10 days, or until symptoms…

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Try ‘Natural Nyquil’ This Cold and Flu Season

…taking 75 mg of zinc daily. * SSKI and NAC. Oral agents that thin excess mucus by either liquefying it (expectorants) or breaking it down (mucolytics) are also helpful during cold and flu season. My favorite expectorant is a liquid form of potassium iodide called SSKI, which has been in continuous clinical…

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