Stage 3 Kidney Disease

Benefits of Vitamin B1 for Your Kidneys

…sign of kidney problems is traces of albumin in the urine (microalbuminuria). Damaged kidneys allow this protein to leak into the urine, and levels rise as the disease advances. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, researchers gave patients with early-stage diabetic kidney disease 300 mg of…

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Smile With Confidence, Even If You Have Diabetes

…heart disease, vision loss, nerve damage, and impaired kidney function. But people often don’t recognize the link between diabetes and other health problems, including periodontal disease. According to the CDC, young adults with diabetes have about twice the risk of periodontal disease than…

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10 Signs of Hidden Health Problems

…on the horizon. By paying attention to these early warning signals, you can catch serious health problems in their earliest, most easily treated stages. Here are 10 signs of hidden health problems and how to address them. Sign #1 of Hidden Health Problems: Cracked, Calloused Skin Cracked, calloused…

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