Statin Drugs And Memory

The Lowdown on Statin Drugs

…percent of those using statin drugs at the start of the study developed diabetes compared to just 6.4 percent of the women not taking statins. Dangers of Statin Drugs: Increased Risk of Memory Loss One of the other side effects of statins, as I mentioned earlier, is memory loss. Several years ago,…

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Benefits of Bergamot

…and antioxidant reserves. The FDA now requires manufacturers of statin drugs to warn patients that these medications are linked with type 2 diabetes, memory loss, confusion, and muscle weakness. But there’s more: Statins can also cause liver toxicity, fatigue, muscle soreness, exercise…

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Niacin: Is it Really Safe and Effective?

…therapy for people on statins since it has been shown to raise HDL, which is something statins cannot do. As I’ve said many times before, statins are some of the most dangerous drugs on the market because they deplete coenzyme Q10 and are associated with increased risk of memory loss and other…

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