Stem Cell Therapy

3 Things to Consider About Medical Tourism

…multiple sclerosis treatment, or stem cell procedure, can be done immediately, rather than months down the road. This is particularly appealing for people in countries with public healthcare systems and long waits, and Americans can wait years for a therapy to gain FDA approval. Nonetheless,…

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Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment for Pain

…platelets for healing and regeneration. Additionally, PRP works well when combined with other promising regenerative therapies such as autologous adipose (fat)-derived stem cell therapy. Lastly, PRP is convenient. It’s done in a doctor’s office, is quick and minimally invasive, requires…

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Real Treatments for Autoimmune Diseases

…a host of other non-drug therapies for treating autoimmune disorders, from high-dose vitamin D, probiotics, and natural anti-inflammatories such as fish oil and curcumin, to pain-relieving and regenerative modalities like microcurrent treatment and adult stem cell therapy. Don’t Just Take My…

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