Stem Cell Treatment

3 Things to Consider About Medical Tourism

…eliminates the need to travel abroad. * Immediate treatment. Sure, you’d be on a plane for upwards of 10 hours and away from home for days to weeks, but that knee replacement, stroke rehab program, multiple sclerosis treatment, or stem cell procedure, can be done immediately, rather than…

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Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment for Pain

treatment or make an appointment at the Whitaker Wellness Institute by calling (800) 488-1500. Now it’s your turn: Would you consider platelet-rich plasma treatment for chronic pain? You May Also Be Interested in * The Secret to Relieving Pain Without a Prescription * Put Your Own Stem Cells

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The Many Uses of DMSO and a Heartfelt Tribute

…applications. It’s used to preserve organs and tissues awaiting transplant, and to protect embryos and stem cells during freezing and long-term storage. It is also an FDA-approved treatment for interstitial cystitis, a painful and chronic inflammatory condition of the bladder wall. Intravenous…

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