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A New Vaccine Is Not the Way to Help People Stop Smoking

…who were not vaccinated. The theory is that by reducing nicotine and thus the addictive pleasure of cigarettes, this vaccine will help people stop smoking. I’m all for smoking cessation. Tobacco smoke contains tar, benzene, acetone, and thousands of other chemicals, including 50 known carcinogens…

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How to Quit Smoking Naturally

…itself. The U.S. patent states that Sulfonil is "the preferred agent for performing this function." It’s designed to be used from the day you stop smoking to reduce nicotine cravings. Take two capsules upon awakening, one every four to six hours during the day, and two more at bedtime. You'll only…

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The Key to Instant Discipline and Weight Loss

…desserts for three weeks and, if he failed, he agreed to give $1,000 to PETA, an anti-hunting organization. Charlie, a staunch Republican, vowed to stop smoking for three weeks. If he smoked, he promised to give $100 to the Democratic National Party. 3. Third, write down the details of your commitment including…

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