Table Sugar

Glycemic Index vs. Glycemic Load

…to supporting healthy blood sugar levels, the first thing you need to become aware of is how quickly your body breaks down certain foods into glucose. One way to evaluate this is with the glycemic index (GI). Foods with a high GI, such as refined carbohydrates and sugars, are rapidly converted into…

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Let's Get the Word Out About Diabetes and Heart Disease

…risk. In fact, people with diabetes are two to four times more likely to die from heart disease or suffer a stroke than those with normal blood sugar levels. So, what are doctors doing about this epidemic? They’re wearing out their prescription pads with Rx’s for diabetes and heart…

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Healthy Diet Plan: Recipe for Fiesta Scramble

…on your breakfast table, you’ll feel alert, focused, and satiated until lunch. But load up on sugary cereals or other quick-burning carbohydrates, and your blood sugar will skyrocket and you’ll run out of steam mid-morning. They don’t call it a “sugar crash” for no…

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