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Preventing Heart Disease With Aspirin

Aspirin is an excellent, inexpensive therapy, and its cardiovascular benefits are backed by hundreds of studies and decades of clinical use. I’ve received many questions about aspirin to prevent heart disease, and most people assume I’m against aspirin because it's a drug and I…

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To Avoid Diabetes, Get More Zzzz’s

…sleep for teens. More important, that lack of sleep led to increased insulin resistance. But the good news is that more sleep could improve the condition. In fact, just one additional hour of sleep above six hours a night was shown to lower insulin resistance by nine percent. But teens aren’t…

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Preventing Sudden Cardiac Death

…important predictor of sudden cardiac death and that increasing intake reduces risk. Unfortunately, nearly half of all Americans and two-thirds of teens and people over age 70 don’t even get the RDA of 300–400 mg of magnesium. With paltry numbers like these, it’s no wonder sudden…

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