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7 Signs and Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

…gain and an inability to lose weight * High cholesterol or triglycerides * Depression that won’t go away * Chronic constipation * Dry skin or thinning hair * Cold hands and feet If you complain to your conventional doctor about any of the above signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism, he may not think…

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Help for Hair Loss

…things that might help when it comes to treating hair loss. The first thing to consider is what could be causing the hair loss in the first place. Thinning hair is a hallmark symptom of hypothyroidism, so I suggest you start by having your thyroid hormones checked and, if levels are low, request a prescription…

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Hope for Hepatitis C

…makes for a rough treatment course. Interferon causes substantial problems that include, but are not limited to: flu-like symptoms, insomnia, thinning hair, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, and psychiatric problems, i.e. anxiety, depression, and intense irritability. Ribavirin has serious side effects…

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