Thyroid Test

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Simple Thyroid Testing You Can Do at Home

…and secretion of thyroid hormones. When thyroid function is low, levels of TSH are abnormally high. Ask your doctor for this thyroid function test if you are experiencing the symptoms of low thyroid we went over last week. Thyroid Testing at Home Blood tests for thyroid aren’t the only…

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Do You Have Low Thyroid Function?

thyroid) is surprisingly common, affecting about one in eight women from 35 to 65 years of age, and one in five women older than 65. Not many people spend time thinking about their thyroid gland, but if you have unexplained weight gain or fatigue, you may want to have your doctor run a few tests.

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Help for Hair Loss

…place. Thinning hair is a hallmark symptom of hypothyroidism, so I suggest you start by having your thyroid hormones checked and, if levels are low, request a prescription for natural (Armour) thyroid. Other bioidentical hormones may also be beneficial. Natural estrogen and progesterone help balance…

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Natural Treatments for Fibromyalgia

…accompanied by extreme fatigue and other complaints. Beyond that, there’s a lot we don’t know about it. There are no definitive blood tests for diagnosing the condition and no consistently effective conventional treatments for fibromyalgia—symptoms rarely respond to the usual pain…

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10 Signs of Hidden Health Problems

…iron before obtaining a blood test to determine iron levels. Excessive iron levels are a risk factor for heart problems and other conditions. Burning mouth syndrome may also be caused by neuropathy (nerve damage), allergies, insulin resistance, or thyroid disorders, so if symptoms persist,…

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Natural Treatments for COPD

…The suggested dose of SSKI is 3–6 drops in water 2–3 times a day. Be aware that continuous use of SSKI requires periodic monitoring of thyroid hormones. Mucolytics are even more promising when it comes to treating COPD. In fact, research suggests that they should be a first-line therapy.…

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