Coenzyme Q10 Benefits: Did You Know?

…a softgel. * The ubiquinol form of CoQ10 is more bioavailable than the more common ubiquinone form. * German researchers found that people with tinnitus who also had low blood levels of CoQ10 had significant improvements after taking CoQ10 for four months. * Low CoQ10 levels are an independent predictor…

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Four Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss

…heard two stories of people who have restored their hearing to a large extent by drinking fenugreek seed tea once a day. Others claim it improves tinnitus as well. You can purchase these seeds at health food stores. Boil them in a pot, simmer for five minutes, then let sit for another 20 minutes. Strain…

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Beyond Sleep: Other Benefits of Melatonin

…visual acuity in most of these patients remained stable, and there was far less retinal deterioration than expected. Benefits of Melatonin: Alleviate Tinnitus A study conducted at the University of Washington School of Medicine suggests that one of the benefits of melatonin is its ability to alleviate the…

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