Beware CT Scan Side Effects

…important fact you should know when it comes to CT scan side effects: One in three CT scans could easily be replaced with safer modalities such as ultrasound or MRI—or done away with altogether. Examples of questionable uses of CT scans include managing seizures, chronic headaches and blunt…

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The Pitfalls of Common Screening Tests

…with disaster or death, it’s not ideal. * Other cancer screening tests. Other screening tests that have yet to be shown in randomized trials to save lives include ultrasounds and CA-125 for ovarian cancer, skin exams for melanoma, and head and body scans for cancer of the brain and abdomen.

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Ovarian Cancer Screening Doesn't Save Lives

…example with ovarian cancer, false positives are far more common than false negatives. False positives lead to confirmatory testing such as ultrasound, CT scans, and other invasive procedures. These tests often lead to biopsies, which are far more invasive and could possibly promote the spread…

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