V8 Juice

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6 Effective, Natural Home Remedies

…vinegar will do. * V8 for Hypertension: A high intake of potassium from fruits and vegetables is an excellent natural home remedy for hypertension. However, few people get even the minimum recommendation of five servings per day. That’s why I “prescribe” Low-Sodium V8 Juice. An eight-ounce glass…

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Easy Ways to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

…organic, all the better. Here are 10 easy ways to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your daily routine. * Drink a glass of Low-Sodium V8 Juice with breakfast. (At the Whitaker Wellness Institute, this is the only “juice” that you’ll find on the tables.) * Eat an apple or a pear for…

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Going Beyond Water To Stay Hydrated & Healthy

…oolong teas were tested for their ability to hinder pre-cancerous mutations in cells, white tea came out on top. * Low sodium V8 juice. Unlike most fruit juices, tomato juice contains very little sugar, so it doesn’t wreak havoc on blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it is a great source of lycopene,…

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Are Beverages Busting Your Diet?

…(6 oz.) — 3 calories * Low-Sodium V8 Juice (8 oz.) — 50 calories * Gatorade (8 oz.) — 50 calories * Light Beer (12 oz.) — 95 calories * Wine (5 oz.) — 102 calories * Orange Juice (8 oz.) — 107 calories * Milk, 2 % (8 oz.) — 113 calories * Grape Juice (8 oz.) — 138 calories * Beer (12…

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