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Five Tips for Safe and Effective Exercise

…support, I suggest taking supplements for joint health that will also help make being active easier. Now it’s your turn: Do you have an exercise tip that you’d like to share? You May Also Be Interested In: * VIDEO: The Best Exercise for Weight Loss * How to Stick With an Exercise Program

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Prolonged Sitting Is Bad for Your Health

…Sedentary Lifestyle and the Effects of Prolonged Sitting * Limit Your “Screen Time”. Watching TV, working on the computer, and playing video games all count as “screen time” and the dangers that accompany spending too much time plopped down doing any of these things are…

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Commit to Get Fit

…drugstores and sporting goods outlets. * Try workout videos. Another option is to get your hands on a workout video. Yoga, aerobics, weight lifting, T'ai chi—you name it, there’s a video out there that will walk you through it. Videos are a great alternative if you’d prefer to…

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ADHD Treatments That Really Work

…to “map” the brain’s electrical activity and identify problems. During a treatment session, patients simply relax and watch a video program while electrodes placed on the scalp monitor and transmit electrical impulses that help normalize brainwave patterns. It’s that simple.…

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5 Essential Winter Health Tips

…Consider walking in malls or other indoor areas. You can also do indoor exercise at home. Check online or at your local library for exercise videos or tutorials, and rather than purchasing high-powered equipment, get some inexpensive hand weights, a jump rope, an exercise ball, or a mini-trampoline.…

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Diabesity Challenge Tip: Stress Less, Stay Healthy

…which releases endorphins, substances that relieve pain and give a sense of pleasure, peace, and well-being. So spice up your life with funny videos, books, and people who make you laugh—and practice “smile therapy” on a daily basis. And, given that it is Valentine’s Day,…

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