Vitamins For Hair Loss

Four Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss

…have hearing loss, you’re not alone. Hearing loss affects one in three Americans over the age of 65 and half of those over age 85. The primary cause of age-related hearing loss is damage to the hair cells in the inner ear that transmit sounds to the brain. What damages these hair cells most is…

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Knock Out a Top Cause of Diabetic Complications

…more infections and non-healing ulcers. Zinc deficiency also can cause hair loss as well as diarrhea, which triggers further nutrient losses. * B vitamins. B6, B12, and folic acid are water-soluble and therefore vulnerable to loss via excessive urination caused by diabetes. This leads to increased…

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Steps to Stave Off Sarcopenia

…and reverse muscle loss is hormone replacement therapy. Human growth hormone (HGH) promotes muscle growth in both men and women, and testosterone replacement has similar effects in men. Lastly, supplementing with certain vitamins and minerals—particularly vitamin D and magnesium—can…

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