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Calcium for Weight Control

…nearly three-quarters have inadequate calcium intake (a daily average of only 400–500 mg) does give me pause. What I do suggest, not only for weight control but for overall health, is that you increase your consumption of dietary calcium (nonfat cottage cheese is an excellent source of both calcium…

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Safe and Effective Weight Loss Supplements

…recommend, here are a few more to consider: * Resveratrol, the phytonutrient in red wine that has gained fame as an anti-aging agent, may also have weight control benefits, according to some research. German scientists discovered that resveratrol inhibits fat storage and the development of new fat cells,…

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Achieve a Healthy Weight With Irvingia gabonensis

…. Therefore, it lowers blood sugar and reduces fat storage. But more important, irvingia affects two hormones that are intimately involved in weight control. Leptin is the “hunger hormone” that signals satiety and the breakdown of stored fat. You’d expect thin people to have robust levels of leptin…

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Benefits of Bergamot

…suppresses the synthesis of glucose in the liver, thereby lowering blood sugar. It also stimulates the burning of free fatty acids and facilitates weight control. In clinical trials, 500–1,000 mg of bergamot per day lowered blood sugar by about 22 percent, which is certainly on par with, if not superior…

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New Statin Drug Guidelines Are Bad for Patients

…side-effect-riddled drugs. * Niacin, flaxseed, bergamot and berberine all lower cholesterol—and provide additional benefits for blood sugar, weight control and more. * Fish oil and curcumin counter inflammation, another of statin drugs’ claims to fame. * And a heart-healthy diet and regular exercise…

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