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Belly Fat—It’s More Dangerous Than You Think

…Good sources include fish and seafood, skinless poultry, eggs and egg whites, nonfat or low-fat cheeses and Greek yogurt, tofu, nuts, and soy and whey protein. * Eat more fiber-rich foods. Although there are several you can choose from, I recommend beans and vegetables because they’re low in sugar. I…

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Reap the Benefits of Glutathione

…NAC and alpha lipoic acid 600 mg of each 1–3 times a day, plus daily doses of selenium 200–400 mcg; silymarin 900 mg (for liver disease); whey protein 1 scoop; and melatonin 3 mg at bedtime. Make sure your daily multivitamin contains optimal levels of other nutrients that help optimize glutathione…

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Natural Treatments for Psoriasis

…these proteins, XP-828L, has been studied for its effects on psoriasis. When 84 patients with mild-to-moderate disease took 5–10 grams of a whey protein supplement (BioDERM) daily, more than one-fifth of them had improvements after eight weeks, and nearly a third had significant improvements after…

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