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Vision Essentials® (120 capsules, 30-day supply)

Item## VES


…Essentials gives you eyebright, an often overlooked herb that helps promote a proper inflammatory response and eases sensitivity to light, and zeaxanthin to help support proper lens density, which is associated with better visual acuity. All in all, there are 17 powerful nutrients in Vision Essentials…

4.0000 out of 5 stars

Vision Essentials® + Ocular Pressure & Retina Defense VitaKit (30-day supply)

Item## VEH


…Don’t get sidetracked by multivitamins that claim to cover eye health but only contain dustings of SOME of the necessary nutrients—like lutein or zeaxanthin. Unless you’re taking a comprehensive vision supplement that’s based on clinical research, you may be leaving your eyes unprotected. The nutrients…

Advanced Vision Program (30-day supply)

Item## YGK


zeaxanthin, and black currant are included, and play a critical role in helping to alleviate dry, tired eyes and improve night vision. Why Vision Essentials is better: * Lutein supports visual acuity and promotes the health of your lens, retina, macula, and optic nerves. Plus, when combined with Zeaxanthin,…

4.0000 out of 5 stars

Forward Plus Daily Regimen® and Vision Essentials® VitaKit (30-day supply)

Item## YFH


…macula, lenses, and optic nerves, as well as support visual acuity. * Unparalleled antioxidant protection from carotenoids including astaxanthin and zeaxanthin — important for overall vision, especially critical for seeing color and detail. * Peak doses of black currant, which promotes sharper night vision…

3.0000 out of 5 stars

Vision Essentials Gold™ (120 capsules, 30-day supply)

Item## VEG


…supplementation supports visual acuity in older patients. One study examined subjects’ tolerance to glare. After four months of taking lutein and zeaxanthin daily, glare tolerance greatly increased. By six months, the time needed for subjects to see clearly again after viewing a bright glaring light significantly…

4.5000 out of 5 stars