TGIF: A Healthy Reason to Enjoy a Beer

by Dr. Julian Whitaker
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Last Reviewed 02/06/2014

Today is Fridabeery, which means that millions of people will be celebrating the start of the weekend with a drink at Happy Hour. While wine has cornered the market in recent years—a healthy choice filled with protective antioxidants (namely resveratrol)—beer is making a comeback. But what you may not realize is that beer is a boon for a multitude of health conditions.

One is osteoporosis.
Everyone knows that calcium plays a role in building strong bones, but silicon is also important. This mineral promotes greater bone mineral density by allowing other bone-boosting minerals to be absorbed into bone tissue. And guess what a primary dietary source of silicon is? That’s right, beer. Furthermore, it’s an exceptionally bioavailable form of silicon.

Beer is also a great source of B-complex vitamins
, which have been linked to lower levels of homocysteine and reduced risk of heart attack and stroke. So go ahead and enjoy an occasional cold one this summer, but don’t forget that the positive effects of alcohol end after one or two daily drinks.

Bottoms up!

Now it’s your turn:
Do you enjoy an occasional beer or other alcoholic beverage?


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