The Do’s and Don’ts in Treatment for Hot Flashes

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The Do’s and Don’ts in Treatment for Hot Flashes

Recently the FDA approved the antidepressant drug Brisdelle, which contains the active ingredient in the SSRI drug Paxil, in the treatment for hot flashes. This despicable decision was made AGAINST the advice of the agency’s own review committee because the drug worked only slightly better than placebo. Still, Brisdelle received the FDA’s stamp of approval in treating hot flashes. I find this action not only incomprehensible, but downright dangerous. 

Antidepressants are rife with serious side effects, the most disturbing being increased risk of suicide. They also cause weight gain, loss of libido, irritability and all sorts of other problems already associated with menopause. Why take a medication in treatment for hot flashes that could compound the issue? 

Ladies, do not—I repeat DO NOT—turn to these vile drugs in treating hot flashes. In fact, stay far away from Big Pharma’s “solutions” for all menopausal symptoms. Instead, give these safe, natural treatments a try.

Natural Treatments for Hot Flashes & Menopause

  • Bioidentical Hormones: Bioidentical hormones, hormones identical to those produced naturally in the human body, are an excellent treatment for hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. Bioidentical estrogen and progesterone not only ease hot flashes and other signs and symptoms of menopause, but also boost sex drive and improve vaginal tone and dryness.

    Prepared in tailor-made dosages and delivery systems by a compounding pharmacy, bioidentical hormones are the most personalized, safest option for hormone replacement therapy. Bioidentical hormones do require a prescription. Visit to learn more about receiving treatment, or check out to locate a physician in your area well-versed in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

  • Acupuncture: In a recent study published in the journal Menopause, participants who received 10 treatments of acupuncture experienced marked improvements in hot flash frequency and severity. The women who received acupuncture also reported sleeping better. Additionally, acupuncture provides significant relief for vaginal thinning and dryness.

  • Weight Loss: According to the latest government report, 35.9 percent of American adults are obese, and an additional 33.3 percent are overweight. Losing weight can help ward off or treat a number of health concerns and menopause is one of them. Three of my top weight-loss recommendations are: the mini-fast with exercise, cutting back on or eliminating starches and sugars from your diet and getting plenty (at least 8 hours) of sleep each night.

  • Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa): Black cohosh is an herb native to North America that has been used by American Indians for a number of medicinal purposes, including pain relief during menstruation and childbirth. The active constituents, triterpenoid glycosides or terpenes—deoxyactein is the most active—have significant estrogenic activity.

    In fact, extracts of this phytoestrogen have been used extensively in Germany as a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy in treatment for hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms for more than 40 years. Black cohosh is well tolerated. Use as directed.

Now it’s your turn: Do you have any natural treatments for hot flashes that work for you? 

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