The Most Common Diabetic Complications

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The Most Common Diabetic Complications

Because elevated blood glucose levels slowly affect cells throughout the body, people with type 2 diabetes often develop additional diabetic complications. These problems occur for several reasons.

Diabetic Complication Causes

  • Diabetes changes the way your cells function. Excess glucose binds to, and alters, proteins in a process called glycation, which interferes with normal cellular function. Glucose is also converted into sorbitol, another form of sugar that accumulates in and damages cells.

  • Excess blood sugar makes the blood thick and sticky, causing impaired circulation. Tissues that don’t get enough blood become starved of oxygen and nutrients, leading to irreversible damage.

  • Diabetes is a nutritionally wasting disease. High blood sugar levels cause dramatic increases in urination as the kidneys attempt to get rid of excess glucose. But along with excess glucose, massive amounts of water-soluble vitamins and minerals also are lost.

The combination of these processes puts people with diabetes at a dramatically increased risk of problems with the blood vessels, nerves, eyes, kidneys and extremities.

Common Diabetic Complications

The following health conditions are the most common and serious diabetic complications. I believe that diabetic complications can and should be treated individually using natural measures, in addition to treating the diabetes itself.

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