Top Breakthroughs in Nutritional Supplement Delivery Systems

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Top Breakthroughs in Nutritional Supplement Delivery Systems

Not surprisingly, there have been many breakthroughs in tablet and capsule technology over the years. These new technologies and delivery systems allow manufacturers to produce better nutritional supplements. And while each technology has its own unique characteristics and benefits, they all share the overall advantage of enhanced delivery and bioavailability of nutrients.

Several new nutritional supplement delivery systems have been introduced in recent years, but I want to focus on three that I find to be most impressive and, as a result, have decided to utilize in my own nutritional supplement formulas.

  1. Licap®. One of the latest capsule technologies to be introduced is the Licap, which uses a patented liquid delivery system that gets nutrients into your system faster for superior bioavailability and absorption. The Licap’s unique, multi-phased liquid-in-capsule delivery system also protects the nutrients from oxidation, ensuring freshness and optimal potency and efficacy.

    Furthermore, because the Licap is less permeable than softgels and other types of capsules, it helps mask unpleasant odors and tastes associated with many vitamins, minerals, and other supplements (i.e., fish oil). All of these benefits contributed to my decision to use the Licap technology when I formulated Krill Omega Defense.

  2. BIO-tract®. This award-winning, patented technology was designed primarily for use in probiotic supplements, and its benefits in this area have garnered international recognition. More specifically, the BIO-tract system protects the live strains of beneficial bacteria in probiotic supplements from being destroyed by stomach acid, which means a significantly higher percentage of the microorganisms reach their destination—your intestines—alive.

    Equally important, this innovative delivery system starts releasing the probiotics at the top of your small intestine and doesn’t stop releasing them until they’re all the way through your large intestine. The end result is more beneficial microorganisms delivered to your entire intestinal tract. The BIO-tract technology also provides a greater shelf life (18 months) without the need for refrigeration. I have incorporated BIO-tract technology in my PearlBiotic Spheres and PearlBiotic GlucoSpheres products.

  3. Bio-Shield®. Similar to the BIO-tract technology, Bio-Shield is a unique, patented delivery system that protects nutritional supplement ingredients from destructive gastric acid, thereby ensuring that they make it through the digestive system and reach the lower GI tract where they can be better absorbed. One example of an ingredient that employs the Bio-Shield delivery system is CranMax®, a unique cranberry extract that is included in my Cranberry Bladder Control formula.

Now it’s your turn: Which of these capsule technologies is most appealing to you?

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