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Drinking eight cups a day can burn up to 100 additional calories



This is Julian Whitaker, M.D., with a Whitaker Wellness Tip.

Need another reason to drink more water? How about weight loss? In addition to filling you up, drinking water also burns calories.

German researchers gave healthy, normal weight volunteers two cups of water to drink, and within 10 minutes, their metabolic rates began to rev up, increasing after 30 to 40 minutes by an average of 30 percent. The researchers calculated that 40 percent of this energy expenditure was used to heat the water up to body temperature, while the remainder was attributed to an increase in fat and carbohydrate burning.

They concluded that drinking eight cups of water could burn off 100 additional calories daily, about the same as a leisurely 30-minute walk. So, bottoms up, and drink more water.

I'm Julian Whitaker, M.D., assisting you in your personal quest for optimal health.

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