Weight Loss is About Burning Fat

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The preferred high-octane fuel of the body is carbohydrate in the form of glucose. Between meals, when there’s no fresh supply of glucose in your blood, energy is derived from your glycogen stores. Once these limited stores are exhausted—and they’re exhausted quite rapidly—the burning of fat starts in full force.

You wake up in the morning burning fat because the 10 to 12 hours between dinner and breakfast is ample time for your body to have depleted its carbohydrate stores. When you replenish those stores at breakfast, you again begin to burn primarily carbohydrates. If you do not replenish them, you will continue to burn fat.

That’s why I suggest prolonging this fast and not eating until noon. Adding a few extra hours to this fasting state allows the body to burn more fat and results in more significant weight loss.

If you really want to kick things into high gear, try adding morning exercise. Getting active while you are fasting ratchets up fat burning and helps curb appetite.

True weight loss simply cannot be achieved without burning up stored fat. We’ve been using this “mini-fast with exercise” protocol at the clinic for almost a year now and the results are remarkable.

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