What’s Your Biological Age?

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When I use the term “anti-aging,” I’m not talking about living forever. The real goal is to function at peak capacity throughout life, feel great and be able to do all the things that make life worth living. Regardless of your chronological age, you want a young biological age.What’s Your Biological Age?

You already know your chronological age—even if you'd rather not admit to it. But do you know your functional or biological age?

How Old Are You Really?

Although there is no universally accepted yardstick for functional or biological age, experts have identified several biomarkers of aging that can be measured by a physician. These include muscular strength, exercise tolerance, vision and hearing, blood pressure, vital capacity (lung function), heart size and laboratory tests of DHEA, glucose, lipids and creatinine clearance (kidney function).

There are also some do-it-yourself tests to determine your biological age. 

Now it’s your turn: How did you score?

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