Which of My Multinutrient Formulas Is Right for You?

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Last Reviewed 08/14/2014

Which of My Multinutrient Formulas Is Right for You?

In this final entry of my blog series on how the components of a quality daily multivitamin and mineral supplement help promote and support optimal health and well-being, I want to answer a question I receive often about my Forward Plus and Forward Gold Daily Regimen multinutrient formulas: Which one of these supplements should I take?

Forward Plus, a very high-potency, broad-based multivitamin and mineral formula, is my flagship product, and I believe it is the best daily multinutrient supplement on the market.

That said, I recognize that older people are particularly concerned about cognitive function and bone strength. That’s what inspired me to formulate Forward Gold. It’s not only a great multivitamin, with robust levels of antioxidants, B-complex vitamins, minerals, and fish oil, it also addresses these special concerns.

More specifically, for brain health, Forward Gold contains citicholine, which has been shown to enhance memory and attention, and methylcobalamin, the form of vitamin B12 that is most active in the brain. For bone health, I added extra vitamin D (for a total of 2,000 IU) and a more bioavailable form of calcium. 

So, if you are concerned about brain or bone health, Forward Gold is the selection you should probably make. Otherwise, I strongly recommend you stick with Forward Plus.



Now it’s your turn: Which of these Forward formulas best fits your health needs?

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