Why Are Natural Treatments for Diabetes Often Ignored?

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Numerous scientific studies support safe, natural remedies for diabetes. Yet the vast majority of physicians continue to ignore the research—and jeopardize the health of patients seeking to manage diabetes—by focusing strictly on lowering blood sugar, no matter what the cost.

Part of the problem can be laid at the feet of human psychology. When a doctor sees a patient living with diabetes, specifically type 2 diabetes, he or she may give lip service to diet and exercise. But, to be really effective, the doctor must become a counselor who encourages and monitors the patient’s activity level, diet, and weight.

Obviously, lifestyle changes require work on the part of both physician and patient, and who wants to put forth that much effort? So the doc pulls out his prescription pad and discharges that responsibility. And patients accept this because it’s an easy out for them as well. What could be simpler than taking a “magic pill,” especially if adverse side effects are glossed over, as they usually are?

The pharmaceutical industry also shoulders much of the blame. These companies currently control the bulk of medical research, treatment guidelines, and physician education. As a result, not only is the effectiveness of drugs overstated and the risks minimized, but the emphasis on medication draws attention away from safe, natural treatments that truly improve the health and longevity of people managing diabetes.

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